Asuka reacts to teaming up with Charlotte

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Asuka reacts to teaming up with Charlotte

In last week's episode of Monday Night Raw, Lana was momentarily ousted from WWE's plans, after suffering a double injury from Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, during a segment that came after the former's victory against The Rock's cousin.

After several fortuitous victories picked up by Lana during the last few weeks, the tag team champions of the McMahon federation have thus taken their revenge and revenge, brutally attacking both Asuka and Lana, with the latter having however suffered damage worse, getting injured in an arm and leg in the same attack.

Now, Asuka will have to find a new partner for her match titled in that of TLC, the last PPV of 2020 that the WWE will broadcast tomorrow evening, with the unavailability of Lana which therefore opens to the most unthinkable scenarios and with the WWE Universe fans who are already making the most disparate hypotheses about who will be alongside the Japanese champion of the red roster.

In her last speech on social media, the world champion of Monday Night Raw wanted to respond to the various fans who asked her who will be her partner for the match in the tag team that she will face tomorrow night, with the Japanese who gave several ideas with the most disparate names, but which at the same time also trolled some fans who had suggested the name of Charlotte Flair as a mysterious partner.

Asuka is set to face Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler at TLC 2020

Asuka has neither confirmed nor denied the possible return to the scene of the former WWE multi-champion, with the Japanese who only laughed at the user's response on Twitter, with the possibility that the answer was correct and therefore had left the Japanese.

surprise or maybe he was absolutely far from what the idea of management is at the moment and therefore he left Asuka in laughter. For the moment, therefore, we just have to wait to see who will be the long-awaited mysterious partner of Asuka in the last PPV of the WWE year (TLC), to understand if the choice of the federation will coincide with the favor of the public or if still, one time will send them into a rage as has happened several times in recent years.

Going to war with Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler won't be a good idea on Asuka's part, as these two Superstars are capable of inflicting some serious punishment in the ring. They took Lana out of the match this week on RAW, and the last thing Asuka would want is going toe to toe with them by herself.

Ember Moon is a former NXT Women's Champion and has faced the very best in the ring. Asuka and Ember Moon would be an interesting pairing if the duo ends up working something out before TLC. Charlotte hasn't been on WWE TV for a long time now, and many are speculating that she will end up being revealed as Asuka's partner.

Now that we know what Asuka thinks of teaming up with Charlotte, it would be interesting to see what happens if The Queen is revealed as her partner at TLC.