Xavier Woods on Origin and The New Day Promos

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Xavier Woods on Origin and The New Day Promos

Xavier Woods gave an interview to The Post and Courier recently. He is part of The New Day, which is a popular WWE faction. He has been involved in various feuds, but is mostly a comic character. With The New Day, he has evolved his own character and has supported his fellow faction members.

He talked about the origin of his name: "[TNA referee] Earl Hebner used to call me 'Tiger,' so I went with the last name Woods because I thought it was funny. I'm a huge fan of X-Men, and just intelligence in general, and the leader in charge is named Prof.

Charles Xavier. I took Xavier from him, and put together the two names. Luckily it got through creative and everything, and my name is now Xavier Woods." He also stated that he believes that The New Day’s promos are much better, now that they have been together for quite some time.

Their chemistry and overall promo cutting skills have improved. "We have a great team of writers who are amazing. If we're having trouble thinking of something, they've got ideas on deck. It's all a big family, group effort.

A lot of what we do is improv. We just always want to be in touch. We talk about stuff that's funny to us. We feel like if it's funny to us, hopefully it's funny to other people. If not, at least it's funny to us,” said Xavier Woods.