Steve Austin clears up his real-life animosity with Vince McMahon

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Steve Austin clears up his real-life animosity with Vince McMahon

One of the most memorable and important feuds in WWE history is surely the one that led "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to fight the strong powers of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon for years. After seeing the most iconic, exciting and hilarious segments in the history of the Stamford-based federation, in what went down in history as Attitude Era, Steve Austin and Vince McMahon have always remained on excellent terms, with the Chairman and the WWE Hall of Famer that have not crossed, however, for some years in the rings of the Stamford-situated federation.

In his latest interview on the Pat McAfee Show, Steve Austin wanted to have his say on the relationship he had for years with the WWE patron, thus revealing the true thought of the wrestler towards his former boss, despite the huge feud that saw them hit each other every week on Monday Night Raw.

Steve Austin’s last conversation with Vince McMahon

To the microphones of the NXT talent show, the Hall of Famer revealed: "Our relationship is strong. When we were fighting each other and we've been doing it for about two hell of a year...

I love that guy and I'm sure he loves me. But, man, there was, for a short time, a lot of animosity when we did what we did. I have nothing but respect for him and now we are on really good terms." Despite the normal animosity that always exists between an employee and their employer, apparently between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon there would only be respect and unconditional love, with the Texas Rattlesnake character undoubtedly one of the best creations that Vince McMahon could stage during the Attitude Era, which in fact helped the then WWF to defeat even the WCW giants on a television level, in the Monday night TV ratings war that went down in history as Monday Night War.

Steve Austin also said in the interview that his most recent conversation with Vince McMahon took place on March 16, 2020. That night’s episode of RAW was the first to emanate from WWE’s Performance Center. In another story from the interview, Steve Austin admitted that he did not like the plan for his Austin 3:16 Day segment.

He even spoke to Vince McMahon three times in an attempt to change the script. Vince McMahon fined Steve Austin $250,000 for walking out on WWE in June 2002. The WWE Chairman originally planned to fine his Superstar $650,000 but the amount was decreased.