Drew McIntyre surpasses The Undertaker's WWE record

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Drew McIntyre surpasses The Undertaker's WWE record

The history of WWE is made up of statistics, records, titled kingdoms and streaks, which are very often broken, with new records and new statistics arriving to make the Superstars of the future as great as possible, such as the great streak.

obtained by Asuka in her WWE beginnings, who effectively beat Bill Goldberg's in WCW, who arrived several years earlier in the rings of the Turner company, or the broken one of the federation gravedigger, which ended at Wrestlemania 30, by Brock Lesnar.

Apparently, even in this new overtaking in the golden books of the company, The Undertaker is said to have lost ground in front of a new great WWE Superstar, with Brock Lesnar who in this case has nothing to do, or rather, this time found himself in exactly the same position as the Deadman after his Wrestlemania 30 defeat.

What we are talking about, is in fact the reign of the WWE champion that Drew McIntyre is still carrying out on the televisions of Monday Night Raw, with the first reign of the Scottish that was born in this year's edition of the Showcase of the Immortals, where the WWE Beast, Brock Lesnar, lost the title to hand it over to the new champion.

Drew McIntyre on wanting a match against The Undertaker

Only a few days ago, the current WWE Champion has in fact bypassed the combined realms of the WWE gravedigger, going to clearly surpass his mentor, with The Undertaker who was in fact stopped at 238 days, divided into 4 realms from WWE Champion and with the Scotsman who, on the other hand, with half of the kingdoms has already collected 245 days as a champion, although WWE officially counts only 234.

The difference in numbers, in fact, derives from the recording of Wrestlemania last March, which, however, was aired in early April, with Drew McIntyre who in fact had already been champion for more than a week, but that WWE did not yet recognize.

Despite this, McIntyre will soon also overtake Undertaker in an official way with regard to the counts of the WWE, with the Deadman now stopped at 238 and with McIntyre at 234, with the count that however is not yet stopped and that most likely not it won't even stop at TLC against AJ Styles.

Drew McIntyre vs. The Undertaker would have surely been a great match, but considering the current circumstances, we might never see that happen. But then again, as the saying goes - 'Never say never' As for the record of the most combined days as the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre will surely climb up on the list mentioned above in the coming years.