Story surfaces of Otis and Tucker going the extra mile for WWE

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Story surfaces of Otis and Tucker going the extra mile for WWE

The history of WWE is made up not only of the most historical events, matches and feuds of the world discipline of pro-wrestling but also of the worst and most daring injuries or the most unexpected events that may have happened to a professional wrestler, with several matches or several victories that probably would never have come on-screen if this unexpected event hadn't happened.

One of the last great successes to arrive in the WWE rings almost by chance, was the victory of the Universal Championship by Braun Strowman, in the last edition of Wrestlemania, with the former Wyatt Family giant who actually went to compete in the main event of the Showcase of the Immortals only for the great surprise absence of Roman Reigns.

Apparently, however, many times WWE Superstars are called even at the last second, literally, to have an unexpected match in the WWE rings, with Otis and Tucker in fact knowing something. As reported by the well-known site Fightful in the last few hours, the WWE would have already broadcast the documentary dedicated to Liv Morgan for the insiders of the various sites in the sector, with the special "Liv Forever" of the WWE Network which in fact also highlighted a great proof of professionalism by the two former friends of the ring, Otis and Tucker, in a difficult moment for the management of the McMahon-owned company.

During the filming of the documentary that dates back to 14 months ago, a problem caused Liv Morgan and Ember Moon to skip their match scheduled for the evening's show at the last second, with fans in the arena who were just waiting.

the entry on the scene of the athletes.

Otis’ WWE storylines since losing the MITB briefcase

Fortunately, at that juncture two wrestlers were ready to go on stage, even though they weren't even dressed in their own ring gear and although they hadn't even warmed up to start fighting.

In the end, Otis and Tucker fought in basketball shorts and personal shirts anyway, with WWE executives who, despite the fact that there is a ban on wrestlers without warming up, still paid their compliments and thanks to the two athletes, who effectively saved the show, which otherwise would have ended early, with fans probably not taking it well.

The Miz defeated Otis for the Money in the Bank briefcase following a shocking betrayal from Tucker. It looked as though Otis was on course to win before Tucker hit his fellow Heavy Machinery member with the briefcase. With Tucker now on RAW, Otis has formed a new tag team on SmackDown with Chad Gable. The two men lost against Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura on the latest episode of SmackDown.