*Spoiler* Randy Orton defeats The Fiend at WWE TLC

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*Spoiler* Randy Orton defeats The Fiend at WWE TLC

The last WWE PPV of 2020 has now gone to the archives and with it many storylines that have ended and many others that have instead moved on, moving to the next level. In the main event of the show that aired tonight on WWE Network (TLC), the Stamford-based company wanted to stage the first Firefly Inferno match in the company's history, with Randy Orton and The Fiend thus colliding in the famous match engulfed in flames and made famous by the couple formed by Kane and The Undertaker in the rings of the then WWF.

At the beginning of the match, however, Orton and Wyatt began the contest as if everything were a normal match, since there was not even a shadow of flames yet. All of a sudden, the outside of the ThunderDome exploded in a whirlwind of flames that eventually surrounded the ring as well, with Bray Wyatt/The Fiend and Randy Orton then starting in the heat of the match to give it to each other.

What happens to The Fiend now after the loss against Randy Orton?

After a match full of reversals in front, in the end it was Randy Orton who got the better of it, who after several tests managed to knock out the Fiend, then managing to cover it also with petrol.

The final part of the match (at TLC), and also the most anticipated and surprising, was when Orton threw a lit match on the now lifeless body of The Fiend in the center of the ring, with the Monday Night Raw demon literally engulfed in flames, without that Wyatt made no move.

This concludes both the match and the ppv, with The Fiend completely engulfed in flames, which burns slowly in the center of the ring in the WWE ThunderDome and with cheering Randy Orton who remains to look at his "work of art"

Apparently, the storyline that the two have been carrying out in the Raw rings for a few weeks, may not have ended with this match, however, given that Wyatt and The Fiend continue to be two separate entities and that after this sensational defeat, most likely, there will also be a great new chapter in the feud between the two main eventers of the red show.

In storyline, Randy Orton has finished The Fiend off for good, and the match is being lauded by the WWE Universe if the Twitter reactions are any indication. It would be interesting to see what happens next in this saga. The Fiend could either come back immediately to exact revenge for what Orton did to him on tonight's show, or he could quite possibly take his merry time coming back on WWE TV.

Alexa Bliss, who is currently on vacation, has also been an integral part of this storyline so far. It would be interesting to find out how WWE uses her going forward on RAW. Orton had recently lost the WWE title to Drew McIntyre but now has bagged a major win over one of the scariest entities in all of WWE.