Crowbar on David Flair’s In-Ring Ability

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Crowbar on David Flair’s In-Ring Ability

Crowbar was a WCW star that never made it to the WWE. In one of his most popular storylines, he was pitted against David Flair, the son of Ric Flair. He talked about David Flair’s in-ring ability on the WINCLY podcast. "I was Devon Storm first and I had been for 3-4 months on the Saturday Night Show," Crowbar said.

"I was being groomed as a new edition to the cruiserweight division. At the same time, David Flair was stalking Kimberly and hitting people with crowbars and being a nut. The only issue with David is he can't wrestle that well.

So, they came up with idea to put him in a tag team where the partner could do the majority of the work and he could still be a nut. Thank God! He being not that great of a worker actually gave me my break." He mentioned that David Flair was a hard worker.

"I tell everybody, I had no idea what it would be like with this being Ric Flair's kid. I met David – awesome, really humble, nice guy. He knew his limitations and wanted to learn from me. He always thanked me for doing more of the in-ring work," stated Crowbar. “All those fears, all those concerns were soon put to rest. He was eager to learn the best he can. He knew he wasn't his dad but was happy to be there."