Shelton Benjamin dedicates Tag Team Championship win to Shad Gaspard

Shelton Benjamin paid tribute to Shad Gaspard

by Simone Brugnoli
Shelton Benjamin dedicates Tag Team Championship win to Shad Gaspard

One of the surprises that occurred in the Pay Per View of TLC saw the change of titles in the Tag Team category on Raw with Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander, couple and members of The Hurt Business, who challenged and won against The New Day whose team members are Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

In the end, the members of the stable that in recent times is having more and more importance on Monday Night Raw saw Cedric Alexander's winning pin on Kofi Kingston. After the match and the couple titles won, Shelton Benjamin shared on his Instagram account a post in honor of his late friend Shad Gaspard, a wrestler who tragically died in May of this year after a fatal accident again last Venice Beach with the wrestler who did everything to save his son and after having climbed on he was sucked into the waters of Venice Beach.

Shelton Benjamin and Shad Gaspard grew close during their time in WWE

Through the world of social media then several wrestlers and his great friends have published messages in honor of Shad, one of the most beautiful was certainly that of JTG, his great friend.

Here are his words that in those moments were really beautiful: "I want to thank all the friends, fans and family who reached out to me and Shad's family at such a difficult time. All this love and support is helping me get through this, even if it's really tough.

I try to remember Shad and our great friendship, so I smile again. I have so many memories with him, we enjoyed our time together training and traveling the world as a partner." Shelton Benjamin posted a photo of himself along with Shad with the newly acquired Raw Tag Team title and with the bracelet saying 4 S.G, message which stands for "For Shad Gaspard" The two were great friends, they competed in WWE when Shelton Benjamin teamed up with Charlie Haas in one of the greatest couples of recent years and Shad was working with JTG in Cryme Time.

Shelton Benjamin and Shad Gaspard have been good friends for a long time. The two friends even faced off against each other when Benjamin, who was a part of The World's Greatest Tag Team with Charlie Haas, began feuding with JTG and Shad Gaspard of Cryme Tyme.

Benjamin continued to be close friends with Shad, even after their respective release from WWE. After the news broke of Shad's passing, Shelton Benjamin was one of the many stars who paid a heartfelt tribute to the former WWE Superstar.

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