Crowbar on Not Being Signed By The WWE

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Crowbar on Not Being Signed By The WWE

Crowbar is a former WCW wrestler, who worked for the company when it was still operating. He is one of the wrestlers that didn’t make it to the WWE when it was bought by Vince McMahon. On the WINCLY podcast, he shared his thoughts on why he considers not joining the WWE a blessing.

He stated that he believed he would have been mishandled by the WWE had he joined the big promotion. About the night when WCW was bought he said: "Nobody knew. Everybody assumed that Bischoff was going to buy but no one saw Vince buying it.

I was released just before the buyout and that was it for me”. He also talked about his own matches in WCW: "I had a few dark matches [in WWE] and got great reactions. Not blowing smoke up my own behind, but I got to wrestle at Madison Square Garden and there's an old saying that Vince says 'if you can get over at The Garden, you can get over anywhere.'

I got a great reaction, had a good match and a lot of fun. It just never came to pass. I think everything happens for a reason – had I gotten signed I never would have met my wife and I wouldn't be on the path I'm on now.

It was meant to happen. At the time it was disappointing, but I'm not trying to preach at all, but I believe God steers you where you need to go. I have a great life now from not making it, I think."