Bruce Prichard on How Test got His Name

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Bruce Prichard on How Test got His Name

Andrew Martin was known as ‘Test’ while he worked for the WWE. He was a member of The Corporation at one time and had two average runs with the company. He was part of some very cool feuds, including one with Triple H.

Bruce Prichard on Something to Wrestle spoke about Martin recently and told fans how Test got his name. "The version was that since he was a roadie for Motley Crue," said Prichard, "We actually had him travel for them a little bit and we made him go out on the microphone and the only thing he would go out and say was, 'test...test.'

So, Shawn Michaels said, 'well, he's going out there and letting everybody know what his name is.' He became Test out of that. "A lot of people made the "testicle" reference assuming it was short for that, but it was funny the other way also," Prichard stated.

Test debuted as a bodyguard, working for Motley Crue. This was back in 1998. He would compete as Test and was released from the WWE in 2004 after he suffered a neck injury that required surgery. After spending a couple of years on the Indie Circuit, he returned to WWE in 2006. He would stay with WWE for only an year and won a few championships before retiring in 2009.