Big E reveals what Luke Harper wanted to do after his retirement

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Big E reveals what Luke Harper wanted to do after his retirement

The news of the death of Jon Huber, better known as Luke Harper in WWE and as Brodie Lee in AEW, has completely shaken the whole world of wrestling. The man passed away at the age of 41 a few days ago and since then several messages of condolence have arrived from all the insiders.

Several wrestlers have in fact shared stories about their meeting with the former WWE superstar and one of them is definitely Big E. The now-former New Day member first shared a photo of Brodie Lee on social media without a beard and then moved on Twitter where he told a very interesting anecdote.

The current InterContinental WWE Champion has revealed what the wrestler's plans were after his retirement from the ring.

Big E on Luke Harper's passing

Through his Twitter profile, Big E said that the former AEW TNT champion wanted to travel the world and become a talent scout.

Here are his words about it: "After retiring from wrestling and after Luke Harper recovered, unfortunately, he wanted to travel the world and find wrestling talent and then sign up for the federations. He had a great experience, had worked everywhere and really knew many aspects of the career of a professional wrestler.

I think he would have been really excellent in this role." Brodie Lee was also a very popular wrestler on the independent circuit as he worked for various agencies such as Chikara, Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate throughout his career.

In the course of the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, well-known Dave Meltzer revealed that beyond Kenny Omega, very few people knew of the wrestler's severe lung disease, with the well-known reporter adding: "The very few people who knew this, and I can guarantee you were very few, ensured that the thing remained in total silence."

Brodie Lee experienced the WWE system for seven years before jumping ship to AEW in 2020. In AEW, he established himself as a top-tier singles star as the Dark Order leader and a TNT titleholder. Brodie Lee was respected by his peers and his knowledge of the business, especially the in-ring and character-building aspects of the craft, were second to none.

Brodie Lee would have indeed been an exceptionally gifted talent scout as he worked closely with countless wrestlers who had different styles and came from varied backgrounds. Brodie Lee was a popular name on the independent circuit as he worked for several promotions, including Chikara, Ring Of Honor, and Dragon Gate's US offshoot. Brodie Lee even worked in Japan for Dragon Gate before joining WWE in 2012.