Hulk Hogan reveals his pick for greatest wrestler of all time

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Hulk Hogan reveals his pick for greatest wrestler of all time
Hulk Hogan reveals his pick for greatest wrestler of all time

One of the biggest feuds that WWE Universe fans would have liked to see in Hulk Hogan's prime is definitely the battle between giants between him and WWE Beast Brock Lesnar, with such an age difference that he did not allow to have an even match between the two former legendary world champions of the Stamford-situated federation.

Although the two still challenged each other at Lesnar's debut in the WWE rings, back in 2002, the physical condition of the Immortal was still quite precarious, with one of the most historic faces of the WWE now moving more and more towards the withdrawal.

Apparently, in the last period, Hulk Hogan would have found in the rings of the Stamford company the Superstar who could be the next big deal of the federation, calling the wrestler as he was dubbed by Paul Heyman, several years ago, just Brock Lesnar: The Next Big Thing.

Hulk Hogan set to make WWE return

In his last speech made to the microphones of the Stamford federation, to advertise the next episode of Monday Night Raw dedicated to legends, Hulk Hogan said: "At the moment there is another guy who is entering the situation (becoming the Next Big Thing ed).

He, you know, he moves like he knows exactly what to do and he's crazy smart. It's the 'Bro', Riddle, who throws his slippers up in the air when he steps into the ring. I've been following him for some time and he really has a great instinct.

He has a real attitude of understanding what needs to be done, you know." Apparently, the next talent that WWE should focus on according to Hulk Hogan, is Bobby Lashley's alleged next challenger for the American title, with a future.

rosy that it would already be written for the former couple champion of NXT, even if in the last period his character would have undergone some changes that fans would not like that much. Speaking in a WWE interview ahead of RAW Legends Night, Hulk Hogan was asked how he feels when people refer to him as the greatest.

The eight-time WrestleMania main-eventer said he will “gracefully accept and acknowledge” the compliment, but he believes Ric Flair is more deserving of it. “The guy who is my hero, and who I think is the greatest wrestler of all time, that’s Ric Flair,” Hulk Hogan said.

“So I do appreciate the comment but I have a different opinion about who is the best wrestler and the greatest of all time, I have to go with Flair. It’s in his blood… he laid the groundwork. He raised the bar that no one has really been able to follow as far as work ethic”. Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are among the group of WWE legends who will appear on the January 4, 2021 episode of RAW.

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