WWE's final episode of RAW in 2020 ends with ratings increase

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WWE's final episode of RAW in 2020 ends with ratings increase

The month of December at WWE began with the culmination of a rather frequent trend not only in 2020 but more generally in recent years. WWE Monday Night RAW collected a truly horrible, terrible, terrible number of viewers last December 14: that episode was in fact followed by an average of 1.53 million Americans, an unprecedented negative record.

But the fallout from TLC helped the following Monday. Life to a real boom was given in the post-Christmas episode of SmackDown, in a trend that is continuing and also dragging the red show upwards. While the December 21 episode was not very good in absolute terms, the positive trend continued this week.

At least in terms of viewers. As is now almost constant, the trend has seen Raw lose audiences as the show progressed (the second hour had fewer viewers than the first and more than the third). Despite this, however, the average number of American viewers of the December 28 episode was 1.77 million.

This is a 4.6% increase over the previous Monday.

WWE RAW viewership up 4.6% for the final show of 2020

The WWE problem, equally old, concerns the division by age groups. Which once again highlights how the WWE product is not particularly appealing to an adult audience.

The average rating this week in the population aged 18 to 49 was in fact 0.52, down from 0.53 on 21 December. WWE's 2021 will begin with a "Legends Night" on Raw. It is an often winning card among those historically available to Vince McMahon.

WWE's hopes also hold up that there will be no football "competition" next Monday night, as this week's Bills vs. Patriots match (which had over 14 million viewers on ABC and ESPN) is was the last game of the season scheduled for Monday evening.

The December 28 episode of Monday Night RAW drew an average of 1.769 million viewers, up 4.6% from the week prior. The first hour drew 1.886 million viewers, followed by the second with 1.783 million and then ending with the third hour at 1.638 million.

Each hour saw an increase from the week before. WWE RAW hasn't hit numbers like this since November. However, they did rank #24 for the night in viewership on cable, down two spots from last week's #22 ranking. Their demo rating for 18-49 was also down slightly, from .53 to .52, but still ranked #3 in that demo overall.

The first RAW of 2021 will be dubbed "Legends Night" and will feature some of the biggest names to appear in WWE in the past three decades.