WWE wants more stars for upcoming Raw Legends Night

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WWE wants more stars for upcoming Raw Legends Night

WWE will hold a special episode of Monday Night Raw on January 4th, the very first episode of the new year and which the company is advertising as Raw Legends Night. A very special episode to open 2021, and whose deeper purpose we have already analyzed in a previous article.

Meanwhile, the names that actually show up in the red show ring are emerging, and some of these will inevitably create a deep nostalgia effect for fans around the world. WWE is in fact involving several high profile protagonists for next Monday night's show.

Some of them have been discovered over the past weekend by 'Fightful.com', and they are Teddy Long, Ron Simmons and Molly Holly. In particular, it was Teddy Long who officially confirmed his return to WWE for the night of legends, speaking openly to the microphones of 'WrestlingINC'

The former General Manager of SmackDown, who had started working as a referee in WWE and who had subsequently also been active as a manager, has admitted that he is not yet sure what he will do. "Well that's the voice I've heard too.

Basically, I think I'll be there. I don't know what they're going to make me do, but even if I didn't do anything relevant in the end it wouldn't matter. It wouldn't bother me. Even just being a part of.

an episode like that is enough for me."

Update on Raw Legends Night

According to Fightful Select, WWE is still considering bringing in more legends for its Raw Legends Night. Teddy Long, Ron Simmons, and Molly Holly were also in discussion to come back.

At this point, it’s unsure if they have agreed to appear on the WWE Legends Night episode of RAW. They are all on good terms with the company, but nothing has been solidified. WWE is, at least, hopeful that they will be able to add more names to the already loaded list that Vince McMahon has in mind to come back.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Teddy Long addressed the rumor that he will be at Raw Legends Night. He said that he’s not sure what WWE has planned for him, but he’s happy to show up even if there’s nothing for him to do.

“Well, that’s the rumor I got too. Basically, I think I will be there. Don’t know what I’m doing but don’t mind if I ain’t doing nothing. Don’t bother me. Just to be a part of it is enough”.

WWE just confirmed that Eve Torres will be at Legends Night. If Teddy Long shows up as well he will join a list of names including Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, Beth Phoenix, Torrie Wilson, Big Show, Jacqueline, Booker T, Sgt. Slaughter, Tatanka, Jeff Jarrett, Jimmy Hart, Ivory, Carlito, Boogeyman, Melina, Mark Henry, Alicia Fox, and Eve Torres.