WWE planned to stop live events prior to pandemic

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WWE planned to stop live events prior to pandemic

Over the past year, WWE has found itself forced to cancel several of its live events due to the worldwide pandemic that has hit every single area in the entertainment industry, including pro-wrestling. If the WWE wrestlers until the month of February were busy almost all week to stage events that were not captured by the cameras, in addition of course to the normal TV tapings that still go on stage with Monday Night Raw, NXT, Friday Night Smackdown all the monthly PPVs, now the only commitments of the Superstars of the McMahon company, are those that are broadcast on some TV, leaving the athletes much more free time than before.

WWE planned to stop live events prior to the pandemic

According to what was revealed in his latest interview on Mailbag Monday, the former historical referee of the Stamford federation, released after a 30-year career with WWE, Mike Chioda, the federation spoke of drastically reducing the calendar of the federation's Superstars for months now, thinking of cutting many of the live events that the federation held weekly in the US while keeping the various world tours on their feet, such as the European one.

In his latest speech, Chioda revealed: "Quite a lot of. I think we did it because there has been a lot of discussion about it, for a couple of years now, before the covid pandemic. There was talk of canceling a lot of house shows.

Maybe just do it one weekend a month. So we would have filtered out all live events and house shows before the pandemic. I don't think they will ever do that with the European tour at some point in the year. I think they will go on to propose these types of tours because they make a lot of money.

These European tours are a money machine because they have a very low cost and a very high entrance." Apparently, according to what was revealed by the former WWE official, the leadership of the federation had already wanted to propose a more light to their Superstars, with a bad world pandemic that in some ways was also a panacea for WWE athletes, who have been waiting for this moment for some time.

WWE used to keep their Superstars very busy. They had Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights booked. Sometimes Sunday meant a pay-per-view or another live event. Monday was another RAW to start each new week. The company saw dwindling attendance in their house shows, and then they realized how much money could be saved by cutting those live event loops.

We’ll have to see what WWE does once the pandemic clears up. It will be a very long time before that happens. The company has its current ThunderDome location until at least March.