WWE confirms Eve Torres return to Raw

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WWE confirms Eve Torres return to Raw

In the very first episode of Monday Night Raw which will be staged next week and which will therefore be the first 2021 episode of the historic WWE show, the management of the federation has seen fit to invite dozens of legends of the company's past to the event.

This choice would have been made by executives to try to help those ratings that have struggled to climb for some time, helping fans connect to the company's ThunderDome, with unusual presences that could entice the fanbase to follow the product offered by McMahons more than usual.

The last big name announced by the WWE in the last hours is that of Eve Torres, former champion of the WWE Divas, with the title that has now changed its name for years. The multi-champion, thus returns to the WWE rings after 7 years from her last appearance, after the same athlete had requested the federation to be released, in order to follow some personal projects that in the end received good results, such as for example the opening of a Brazilian jiu-jitsu school.

WWE confirms Eve Torres return to Raw

Who knows what WWE will have in mind for all these great Superstars and above all if it will be able to put on a show that will be followed by millions of people, trying to ring again a positive result in terms of TV ratings, after two episodes of Raw and Smackdown which in terms of ratings have scored great numbers for the company.

The company confirmed that Eve Torres has agreed to come in for Legends Night. They will have a lot of people there, but it’s unclear how they will feature them. So far WWE has announced Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, Beth Phoenix, Torrie Wilson, Big Show, Jacqueline, Booker T, Sgt.

Slaughter, Tatanka, Jeff Jarrett, Jimmy Hart, Ivory, Carlito, Boogeyman, Melina, Mark Henry, Alicia Fox, and Eve Torres for the event. Ringside News exclusively reported that Vince McMahon is counting on a Legends Night gimmick to pull a bigger rating.

This will hopefully help kick off their 2021 with a much higher number. We will have to see how everyone is used, or if they even have to show up to the ThunderDome during the pandemic. In a recent interview, former WWE Superstar Trevor Murdoch revealed how he and former tag team partner Lance Cade were removed from television by Vince McMahon for a strange reason.

Trevor Murdoch is the current NWA National Champion. Murdoch is also a former Tag Team Champion in WWE, winning the titles three times alongside Lance Cade.