Matt Riddle signs new WWE contract

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Matt Riddle signs new WWE contract

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the future that could await former NXT Tag Team Champion, Matt Riddle, in the Stamford-based company's wrestling rings, with many legends and many insiders who have ensured how the fighter will never become a world champion, because of his look or his character, which according to Vince McMahon is not yet established or solid enough to be able to fill such an important role for the company.

Despite all the rumors reported on the story and despite Vince McMahon himself would still be very amused by the segments that the boy stages every week on Raw, apparently Riddle's future with the company will be rosy or at least safe, given that the guy apparently signed a fresh new contract extension, last week.

Matt Riddle's WWE status

According to what was revealed in the last few hours by the well-known overseas site Fightful, Matt Riddle would have renewed his contract with the company that was about to end in a few months, also going to renegotiate the $ 400,000 that the athlete received every year.

Although the term of this new agreement has not yet been issued, the journalists of the well-known site still report that: "WWE was pressing for the wrestler to sign a new contract before the end of the 2020 calendar and in agreement with some sources inside WWE, the signing came last week.

Prior to the signing, his deal was expected with a deadline for next August, after an initial contract that tied Riddle to the company from 2018. "Apparently, moreover, WWE would initially have made an offer to the Raw guy, without for Riddle to sign.

The company, therefore, had to increase its offer for Matt Riddle to be interested in continuing the negotiations. Although the numbers of this new agreement have not been released, it seems that the character of Riddle is acquiring day by day, increasingly greater importance on the WWE television screens.

Riddle joined WWE in 2018, and he spent nearly two years in the Black-and-Gold brand before making his move to the main roster. Riddle's SmackDown debut was pushed as a big deal as the legendary Kurt Angle endorsed him.

The early momentum of Matt Riddle's arrival on SmackDown fizzled out as he lost a few high-profile matches. The Original Bro was drafted to RAW in October, and he has continued to be featured regularly on the Red brand.

Matt Riddle is currently in a tag team angle with Jeff Hardy. WWE even recently filed for a trademark on the term 'Hardy Boys.' Jeff Hardy and Matt Riddle share an exciting dynamic, and WWE wishes to capitalize on the duo by merging two crucial aspects of their characters.