Has Seth Rollins' WWE return been delayed?

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Has Seth Rollins' WWE return been delayed?

One of the biggest WWE Superstars currently missing from the Stamford-based federation's rings is definitely the former Universal Champion, Seth Rollins, who as you know has asked the company to have a break to stay alongside his partner Becky Lynch , while the pregnancy of the former Monday Night Raw champion drew to a close, just before the birth of the couple's first child: Roux.

After witnessing the happy event that was one of the very few good news for the wrestling world in 2020, the former Monday Night Messiah is now apparently ready to return, with Rollins already being widely publicized with his return.

in the next episode of Friday Night Smackdown, after just over a month of absence from the ring of the McMahon company.

What does WWE SmackDown look like without Seth Rollins on Friday?

Apparently, all the graphics that were covered in the social networks of the WWE and the television station FOX, which reported the return of the former world champion, in the past few hours would have magically disappeared, with the fans now wondering the reason for this disappearance and above all whether Seth Rollins will eventually return or not.

To try to give an explanation to this mystery, the editors of Ringside News also thought about it, which asked directly to sources inside the American channel and which received the following words as an answer: "WWE on FOX has confirmed information that is currently only 'possible', giving it instead as the company's final response."

In practice, some executives of the broadcaster would have given for certain information that the WWE had still left in doubt, also reporting the fact that this mistake "happens many more times than you think" In short, the return of Seth Rollins could really arrive in the next episode of the blue show, but at this point there is no longer the certainty that it was before.

While Rollins' return has been seemingly scrapped for tomorrow's edition of SmackDown, let's take a look at what is currently scheduled for this week's show. It has been announced that the Universal Champion, Roman Reigns has made a special request to WWE Management regarding his recent successful title defense against Kevin Owens.

While Reigns has had help from Jey Uso to retain his title on both occasions, it wouldn't shock us to see his The Tribal Chief request WWE management that Owens' can no longer challenge for the Universal title as long as he holds it.

WWE SmackDown Women's Champion, Sasha Banks, will once again team with Bianca Belair to take on the duo of Bayley and Carmella. The heels cost Banks and Belair the opportunity to become Women's Tag Team Champions last week.