Most disliked WWE moments of 2020

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Most disliked WWE moments of 2020
Most disliked WWE moments of 2020 (Provided by Wrestling World)

Now even the tragic 2020 is just a memory, with the last year that has certainly changed the world of pro-wrestling, but also the world in general, with some griefs in the world of the discipline and a worldwide pandemic of which the population of the planet would certainly have done without, especially for those people who were used to going to regular wrestling shows, concerts, shows and movies at the cinema.

After a real year of torture, it is hoped now that 2021 is definitely better than the calendar year just ended, with WWE fans already eagerly awaiting the surprises that the McMahons have already promised to bring to the stage thanks to the own shows.

As usual, at the end of the year, many magazines and many sites draw up the most disparate lists on the best and worst seen on TV with WWE, with the well-known Forbes magazine, which this year wanted to draw up the particular list of moments less popular with WWE Universe fans.

Most disliked WWE moments of 2020

In the past few hours, Forbes has in fact compiled the ranking of the moments least appreciated by fans of the WWE Universe by checking every single video posted by WWE on its Youtube channel, thus inserting the videos with the most 'dislike' inside them, in the top ten of less popular moments of the year.

Triumph in this sad ranking was Goldberg's victory against The Fiend at WWE Super ShowDown, with Da Man who immediately reappears also in the second position, probably making it clear to the WWE management that the athlete is no longer appreciated as a few years ago by fans.

We report below the entire ranking of the 10 most "despised" moments by fans according to the votes left under the Youtube videos: 1- Goldberg vs "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt, WWE Super Showdown, 37,000 votes 2- Roman Reigns appears as the new challenger for the title of Universal Champion against Goldberg, 14,000 votes 3- Retribution attacks Braun Strowman in the ThunderDome, 12000 votes 4- Braun Strowman destroys the van with The Miz and John Morrison in it, 10,000 votes 5- Roman Reigns covers Baron Corbin with dog food, 8600 votes 6- Asuka vs Sasha Banks - Raw Women's Championship match, 8000 votes 7- The Retribution sows panic in Smackdown, 7400 votes 8- Braun Strowman uses Alexa Bliss to tease The Fiend, 7400 votes 9- Seth Rollins and Murphy massacre Dominik Mysterio with kendo sticks, 7300 votes 10- Liv Morgan & Rusev vs Lana and Bobby Lashley, 6400 votes.

The no. 1 position went to Goldberg beating Bray Wyatt for the WWE Universal Title at WWE Super ShowDown. 37,000 people smashed the thumbs down button on that. The second-most disliked video also included Goldberg as Roman Reigns emerged as his next challenger. That video received 14,000 dislikes.