Roman Reigns to make special request of WWE management

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Roman Reigns to make special request of WWE management
Roman Reigns to make special request of WWE management (Provided by Wrestling World)

2020 is now over and with the start of this new year, WWE is already trying to stage news and great surprises for its fans, given the desire to recover better from a fatal year that has literally brought the world to its knees the entire discipline of pro-wrestling, after having seen the closing of all the live shows to the public of the WWE Universe and after having also attended an edition of the most anticipated show of the year, Wrestlemania, in a completely empty and silent arena, after over 30 years of great live success.

Apparently, WWE has already promised its fans two cracking episodes of the main roster to start in the best way this 2021, with an episode of Monday Night Raw that will be dedicated to WWE Legends who have been missing from the rings for some time by McMahon and with an episode of SmackDown which instead will pave the way for this new solar year, full of news and significant renovations at Stamford.

As revealed in the synopsis of the next episode of Friday Night Smackdown which will air as usual on FOX TV screens, WWE will bring to the stage great news in its blue show storylines, with Roman Reigns obviously remaining one of the brand's biggest stars on Friday evening.

According to the latest news expressed by the company on its social channels, the Universal champion should in fact make a special request to the management of the WWE, with the company that has not however issued any other type of clue about the thing.

Backstage News on Roman Reigns

Initially, the return of Seth Rollins was also given as certain for the next episode of the blue show, but after what emerged in the morning, this return would no longer be so certain. In addition to Roman Reigns' request to the WWE management, there are currently other segments already announced for the evening, namely the match between the new Intercontinental champion Big E and the king of the ring, King Corbin and the tag team match that will see the champion Saha Banks and Bianca Belair on one side against Bayley and Carmella on the other.

Who knows what other surprises WWE has in store for its fans in the very first weekly episode of 2021? Roman Reigns will be on the show to make a special request of WWE management. We’re not sure what that is going to be, but the Tribal Chief obviously has something planned.

Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair will team up to face Bayley and Carmella. Can the recently re-formed Baymella topple the team of Banks and Belair? Big E was previously advertised to face King Corbin this week. Sami Zayn is probably not happy that he didn’t get a rematch right away.

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