Why X-Pac's 'Bronco Buster' was banned in WCW

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Why X-Pac's 'Bronco Buster' was banned in WCW

One of the most characteristic characters of the WWE Attitude Era was certainly the former component of D-Generation X: X-Pac. The athlete was seen alongside Triple H, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn but also Kane in a thousand battles in the McMahon-owned wrestling rings, has also become a great protagonist of the WCW rings at the end of the 90s, although his success has lasted well little due to a neck injury that got him fired at the hands of Eric Bischoff, then director of America's number two company after WWE.

In his short stint in the ring of the Turner company, X-Pac never managed to stage one of his most characteristic moves, namely the Bronco Buster, his trademark that he had been doing for years in the rings of the rival company of the WCW, the WWF.

Why X-Pac's 'Bronco Buster' was banned

In his last speech given to the microphones of "X-Pac 1,2,360", the former WWE wrestler wanted to tell his version of the facts about the exit of his Bronco Buster, saying: "When I tried to bring it to the stage for the first time, they literally banned my move, banned that c ** o move from WCW.

They did this continuously for normal moves and practices. When I returned to WWE, however, I saw that they were doing much worse on TV. In WCW, during my match with Scott Hall against the Steiners for the Tag Team titles, I tried to make my move to Rick, but he didn't want to hear about it.

There was no way to keep him on the corner. Scotty also tried to hold him in the corner for me. The second time I tried, he lifted his foot and hit me straight in the pa ** e." Apparently, according to what the athlete later revealed, the request not to stage moves like this, came directly from the network that aired the main WCW shows, with the concern of the TV executives that it was that the children could make quite contradictory and embarrassing moves at home, with the risk that the public opinion would then take it out on the WCW or with the television station that broadcast its shows, the same reason that still leads to today, WWE to ban some maneuvers from its shows.

The network’s input can sometimes interfere with a creative direction. If it weren’t for fear of parents writing in about their kids doing Bronco Busters to each other, then WCW might have allowed the move. WWE obviously had no issue with X-Pac bouncing away on his opponents in the corner. Running into opponents who refused to take the Bronco Buster is another story.