Luke Harper's wife unloads on idea of cover-up over his passing

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Luke Harper's wife unloads on idea of cover-up over his passing

We had already talked about it on these pages: Amanda Huber, wife and now sadly widow of Brodie Lee (or Luke Harper, as he was known in WWE) has published a long message on social media. Desperate, but above all angry: in addition to telling her love for her missing husband, he attacked those who have accused her and AEW of having concealed the causes of Brodie Lee's death.

In particular, those who have insinuated the suspicion that the cause was Covid, and for some reason, it was decided not to talk about it. "Then you read about a 'reporter' asking for 'transparency' and insinuating that you're hiding something", "It wasn't COVID.

There's no shame in dying from COVID, but that's not what happened" and "You can only imagine it [how I am], f ** k?" is the most painful points of her message. Which inevitably led to serious consequences.

The article to which Amanda Huber referred had a byline. And, despite what one might imagine, it is an author's signature. It's that of Bruce Mitchell, longtime author, editor and columnist of the influential 'PWTorch'

His words (no longer traceable on the web) however unleashed an authentic crawl space, which the site manager Wade Keller wanted to face firsthand, taking the most drastic decision within several hours.

Update on Luke Harper's passing

"Yesterday, on '' - wrote Wade Keller in the aftermath of the disputed content - "expert journalist Bruce Mitchell published an editorial regarding the death of Jon Huber (also known as Brodie Lee and Luke Harper) that did go through the normal process of checking and editing Mitchell's content in general, and especially for such a sensitive subject.

I was not given the opportunity to view the article before it was published. Out of respect towards the 30 years of Bruce as an editor, I chose not to remove or edit the article immediately while evaluating the situation, which included a discussion with him.

Based on that conversation and further reports, I have decided that the article does not meet our standards for publication. The piece has been removed from the site," added the 'PWTorch' manager. Which the next day went even further.

This is in fact the further update on the story: "Bruce Mitchell is no longer a member of the Pro Wrestling Torch staff. I spoke with him today and I let him know my decision, as well as the reasons behind it. Thank him for over 30 years of contributions that have helped shape and grow Pro Wrestling Torch.

Bruce has informed and entertained readers and listeners with crisp, punchy and informed articles and podcasts. Plus, he's been a close friend outside the professional world. I wish you well. I also apologize to the Huber family for the pain caused by this article."

The story is having a lot of prominence in the world of American web wrestling, so much so that the manager of another milestone in the sector such as '' has also dealt with it. This is Sean Ross Sapp, who has noticed how Bruce Mitchell has completely deleted himself from Twitter, almost certainly himself struggling with a personal drama for such a mistake after a life spent talking about wrestling.

"I hope he understands the pain he caused an already grieving family and apologizes. Because no one is above the ability to admit a mistake, and I hope Bruce can," was his message to his colleague: Certainly a thorny situation, and which can give a lesson not to be forgotten to each of us who work in this sector: writing on the web always requires caution. And every word has a consequence, for everyone.