Brodie Lee Tribute T-Shirt breaks sales record

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Brodie Lee Tribute T-Shirt breaks sales record

This week, AEW aired its latest episode of Dynamite, which was obviously entirely dedicated to the recently deceased wrestler, Brodie Lee, initially known as Luke Harper, in the WWE rings. After the whole world was shocked by a completely surprise death at just 41 years of age, the athlete's family is left alone, with a wife who will now have to raise the wrestler's children, without them being able to grow up with their dad by their side, with little Brodie Jr who has already understood what he wants to do when he grows up: obviously the wrestler.

In the long tribute made to the former WWE wrestler, the entire AEW roster wanted to pay homage in every way to his colleague and friend, first by ringing the bell in mourning and then raising banners and chants in favor of the late Brodie Lee.

Brodie Lee received one of the best tribute episodes in wrestling history

Due to the untimely death of the athlete, the site dedicated to the sales of merchandise for AEW athletes and independent athletes from all over the world, the Pro Wrestling Tees, has put on sale a t-shirt with the big face of Luke Harper and the written "Exalted in Heaven", in clear reference to his character staged with the AEW, which he will now take to heaven instead.

After just two hours after the shirt went on sale, the record broken by Sting's debut just a few weeks ago at Dynamite, was once again blown away by the t-shirt dedicated to Lee, with the best-selling shirt record in 24 hours than now it is held by the late wrestler who unfortunately left us far too soon.

One more time, albeit unwillingly, Brodie Lee has proved to be a champion of the past, even with death that all fans, friends and colleagues would have preferred not to see for years and years. Obviously, needless to say, all the proceeds from the sale of the t-shirts and the rest of the material offered for sale on the site dedicated to Brodie Lee, will go entirely to the wrestler's family.

AEW dedicated this week's episode of Dynamite in honor of Brodie Lee. The entire card for Dynamite was set with him in mind. It featured huge wins for the members of Dark Order, a tribute video in honor of The Exalted One and we even saw Lee's close friend, Erick Redbeard aka Erick Rowan, make his debut/appearance on AEW.

However, two of the best moments on this special episode of Dynamite came towards the end of the episode, where Brodie Lee Jr. was made AEW TNT Champion for life, and an amazing main event which was selected by the late wrestler's son.