Booker T On If He Was Ever Offended By The Rock

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Booker T On If He Was Ever Offended By The Rock

Booker T is considered by many as one of WCW’s greatest wrestlers and he recently spoke about whether or not The Rock ever offended him in the past. The Rock is a home-grown WWE Legend and he was the first man Booker T started a feud with when he joined WWE back in 2001.

Before joining WWE, Booker T was one of the WCW’s top stars. He won the WCW title a total of five times. In fact, he used to remind the WWE audience multiple times that he was a 5-time WCW Champion. Booker T, could never find the success that he did in WCW though in WWE.

Booker T on Being Offended by The Rock

Many people believe that The Rock buried Booker T and WCW during their feud. However, Booker T revealed that he was never offended by The Rock in any shape or form during an interview with The Chris Van Vliet.

"No, I've never been offended by anything I've done in wrestling because it's wrestling. It's not real; it's what we make it. We're entertaining fans. That's part of his character," said Booker.

"The thing is I wish it would've been my shtick. I wish I stolen a lot of his lines! I'm serious because I've never been a hater”. "It's like when Goldberg came in. Goldberg wasn't a wrestler.

He was a guy that was greener than anybody in the locker room. Then, all of a sudden, he had the best entrance. He was making the most money and you know what I said? 'Man, I wish I was him.' "I wish I would have slipped on a banana peel and got here like that!

I can't hate on the guy because he's a huge star and he's making money. I cannot do that! He and I, we're the best of friends. We're tight. So, that's the way I am when I look at stuff like that and I always have."

Booker T then spoke about his finishing move called The Book End which was very similar to The Rock’s The Rock Bottom. Booker T revealed that The Book End was the finisher that came first. "I had it first. I'm not going to sit here and try to go back and forth if it's undisputed or not.

I was the one who came up with the Book End. I didn't call it the Book End. Then, I picked the name up," stated Booker T.