Booker T On Staying with WWE with His Wife

Sharmell was in fact hired by WWE because Booker T wanted to be with her

by Altamush Nayyer Khan
Booker T On Staying with WWE with His Wife

Booker T is a famous WWE Hall of Famer and he recently spoke about staying in WWE due to his wife. On Chris Van Vliet’s show, Booker T revealed that he nearly quit WWE in 2006 as he wanted to spend time with his wife Sharmell.

Sharmell and Booker T started dating back when Booker T was a huge star in WCW. However, Sharmell was never an on-screen character during Booker T’s WCW days. Sharmell was in fact hired by WWE because Booker T wanted to be with her.

Sharmell started her WWE career as Booker T’s manager. She later became a very good on-screen character during Booker T’s heel run.

Booker T on Staying with WWE For His Wife

"I was going to quit WWE back in 2005-2006.

I was leaving the business and because of Sharmell, I got married. I didn't want to be on the road and Sharmell being at home," revealed Booker. "I talked to [WWE] about it. They said, 'Why don't we hire Sharmell?' I was like, 'That will solve a whole lot.'

They hired Sharmell and she came on the road. "It kind of manifested as far as King Booker and Queen Sharmell thing just because I call Sharmell, Queen, all the time. That's the way I represent her in the world around people.

She was always wearing the gowns, former Miss Black America. It's like, 'Why don't we do the King of the Ring thing and make you King.' I became King. I think I won two matches and I was anointed, King. "They made me the King, but it was all I think it was driven and motivated around Sharmell and me being King kind of made sense.

It's one of those angles that could have been an asterisk at the end of my career. Me, Booker T, being a clown, acting stupid." Sharmell was an on-screen character when Booker T won the 2006 King of The Ring tournament. He then became King Booker and Sharmell was then called Queen Sharmell.

Booker T became so popular that WWE actually gave him a World Title Run and he became a Grand Slam Champion as a result. "So, it was really up to me what I made King Booker to how my legacy was remembered, especially with everything else that I did because I knew people were going to remember me at the end with a crown and a cape on. It could have been something that was not really looked at kindly from a lot of my fans," stated Booker T.

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