Angel Garza becomes WWE 24/7 Champion during New Year's eve party

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Angel Garza becomes WWE 24/7 Champion during New Year's eve party

2020 is now just a bad memory, both for Stamford-based company's, the WWE, and for all its fans of the WWE Universe, with one of the worst years that the history of the pro-wrestling discipline has ever witnessed, which finally has come to an end, after having seen a global pandemic and several griefs that have severely tested the entire world of the discipline.

Although 2021 only started a few hours ago, WWE has already launched its first surprise for the new year, with a title change that came absolutely out of nowhere, which left fans amused and at the same time amazed in front of the new champion 24/7 that has taken possession of the belt of R-Truth, now reached an incalculable number of kingdoms.

During the party that the WWE held yesterday evening, in fact, Angel Garza managed to pinch the reigning champion of the green-gold title of the federation by surprise, thus graduating for the first time in his career 24/7 champion of the company that is situated in Stamford.

The party dedicated to the New Year's Eve that WWE wanted to celebrate with its fans, was aired on Tik Tok and saw Garza interrupt a talking segment between the New Day and the 24/7 champion, R-Truth, with Angel Garza who after having taken by surprise the now historic holder of the title that can be lost at any time of day and in any situation, he thus pinned for the first time the rapper of the McMahon-owned federation.

Angel Garza will enter another new year with Championship gold

Initially, Angel Garza was engaged in an angle with Lana, while the Mexican was trying to give a rose to Rusev's beautiful wife, with R-Truth and the New Day interrupting the boy while showing off all his seductive skills in front of the former manager of the WWE Bulgarian.

Apparently, 2020 did not end in the best way for R-Truth, who will now have to start the new year as a pursuer and no longer as a champion because of Angel Garza. As things stand, Angel Garza will head into 2021 as the new WWE 24/7 Champion.

This will be his first reign with one of WWE's popular titles. He shared a post via Twitter, reminding the WWE Universe that this is the second time in his WWE career that he is ending a year with gold around his waist.

Lethal Lothario was a part of NXT and was the Cruiserweight Champion as he ended 2019. He would lose the title to Jordan Devlin during the Worlds Collide event on 25th January 2020. He would then go on to make his RAW debut on 3rd February and has been competing on the red brand ever since.