Latest news on Randy Orton vs. The Fiend at Royal Rumble 2021

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Latest news on Randy Orton vs. The Fiend at Royal Rumble 2021

One of the main storylines of Monday Night Raw, but also of the entire WWE television schedule, is certainly the one that has involved Randy Orton and 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt in the ring of the red show for a few weeks, with the alter ego of Wyatt, the villain The Fiend, who was even literally set on fire by the Legend Killer in their latest TLC match, the Firefly Inferno match.

In one of the most followed and most loved feuds by WWE Universe fans, The Viper and The Fiend are in fact leaving the entire fanbase and the entire cast of the federation with bated breath, with some angles and segments, aired every week in week, which would be truly thrilling fans of the discipline as never before, also thanks to the great work done in recent weeks by Alexa Bliss, who became the protagonist of a great promo even in the last episode of Raw.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is reportedly planning Randy Orton vs "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt at Royal Rumble 2021 in a Firefly Funhouse match.

Update on Randy Orton and The Fiend

In the last few days, we have reported several times on our news board the WWE's intention to propose a new match with the special stipulation between the two main eventers of Monday Night Raw, with their second match in PPV, which will arrive in the first Big Four of the company of 2021, which apparently has already found its name.

According to what was reported in the last few hours by the well-known overseas site, Ringside News, in fact: "Ringside News reports that The Fiend vs Randy Orton will take part in the Royal Rumble show-card, in another gimmick match.

We had confirmation of this match directly from WWE and the idea that for the moment is within the federation is to have a Firefly Fun House match." The first and only Firefly Fun House match in WWE history, like all of you.

you will remember, it was staged in the latest edition of Wrestlemania, number 36, which aired last April. On that occasion, John Cena was sensationally defeated by the Fiend, after a cinematic match that caused a lot of discussion for the very few fight scenes brought to the WWE rings, since the company helped themselves with pre-recorded videos, where Wyatt did a sort of brainwashing the Leader of the Chain Gang, before hitting him with his devastating Mandible Claw.

This week's Monday Night RAW ended with a massive cliffhanger. The final segment of the show saw a furious Alexa Bliss ask Randy Orton to set her on fire, the same way he did to The Fiend at WWE TLC 2020. She went all the way to bringing a can, pouring gasoline all over herself, and handing a matchbox to Orton.

While Randy Orton looked shocked and reluctant at first, Bliss continued provoking him. RAW ended with the lights going off and Orton appearing in front of the camera and lighting a matchstick, seemingly setting Alexa Bliss on fire.

Fans are surely looking forward to the fallout of that segment and it would be interesting to see how WWE deals with the storyline going forward.