Drew McIntyre reveals his 2020 Match of the Year

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Drew McIntyre reveals his 2020 Match of the Year

In an interview with BT Sport, current WWE champion Drew McIntyre answered a question asking him what he thought was the best match of the year 2020, just ended. The Scotsman has decided to draw up a very personal list where many matches appear that have exalted fans from all over the world, and among these could only appear the Royal Rumble Match from which his rise began.

Drew McIntyre reveals his 2020 Match of the Year

Here is an excerpt of his words, released to the well-known sports broadcaster: "Technically I would tell you the Royal Rumble Match, also because, in the end, it was me who triumphed, but the match between Edge and Randy Orton really deserves a lot.

But we also find many other matches that convinced me, such as the one between AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan in SmackDown, in the tournament valid for the Intercontinental Championship or the one between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso have created something really interesting within the cage.

But there is a match that really caught my attention and it is the one between Walter and Dragunov, Sheamus and I watched it together and we were somewhat surprised by how well it had been done, even in the silence of a building without an audience where their prowess was also accentuated.

This match must be absolutely remembered, we must recognize what good these guys have done, both physically and in terms of narration within the match." This last match was much adored by critics and fans around the globe, so much so that it was considered 'Match Of The Year' by many, both on the internet and not.

What is certain is that this match has really caught the attention of many wrestling greats, including the 'Scottish Psychopath', current WWE champion Drew McIntyre. The match received rave reviews online and instantly shot straight to the top of many 'Match of the Year' lists for fans and critics alike.

Clearly, the match caught the attention of the Scottish Psychopath. Drew McIntyre has some particularly fond memories of the 2020 Royal Rumble, given that he was the man who went on to outlast all other 29 superstars, including the then-WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

Drew McIntyre memorably eliminated Lesnar with a colossal Claymore which sent the Beast Incarnate flying over the top rope. While the match may have been excellent, it would have been unfair of McIntyre for him to name the Rumble as his #1 pick, given he was the winner. This year's Royal Rumble is currently scheduled to take place on January 31st.