The Winged Belt, Total Bella Promotions And Lio Rush on Fans

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The Winged Belt, Total Bella Promotions And Lio Rush on Fans

- Many fans will remember the iconic Winged WWE Championship belt that is no longer used. Above is a picture of the belt. This belt has been held by many past WWE legends. It was featured on a recent episode of Canvas 2 Canvas.

- The Bella Twins are scheduled to appear at Live with Kelly and Ryan on Monday, on 14th January 2019. They are going to promote the new Season of Total Bellas there. John Laurinaitis’ daughter will be part of the new season.

In a recent Instagram post, Nikki Bella posted a picture of Maya with the following text: “The countdown begins! Next Sunday is the season premiere of @totalbellas 👯‍♀️ Welcome my sister @mayalaurinaitis to the new season.

It’ll be fun to watch her as she aspires to model (omg this photo!) and have hopes to be a WWE Superstar one day. (If @mrjohnlaurinaitis let’s her lol) 📸 @amaes_photography #totalbellas #bellafam #bellaarmy #maya” - Lio Rush recently tweeted about wrestling fans.

He stated talked about the fans that grew up watching wrestling and now cry about it, but persist watching it. The tweet read: “Blows my mind how the people who grew up being fans of professional wrestling thinking it was fun/cool, grew up and turned out being the ones that made wrestling not fun/cool.

It’s entertainment guys. All forms of it.If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. That simple. Stop crying”.