*Spoiler* Kevin Owens takes a huge fall on WWE SmackDown

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*Spoiler* Kevin Owens takes a huge fall on WWE SmackDown

The main storyline of Friday Night SmackDown continues to be the one that sees the Universal champion, Roman Reigns, his challenger, the Canadian Kevin Owens and the main ally of the Smackdown champion, the younger cousin Jey Uso, as protagonists in the blue show.

Although Owens has now lost all the titled chances that the WWE management has granted him, the Prizefighter of the Friday night show does not give up and continues his very personal battle against the Samoan family that is doing good and bad weather in the Friday night rings.

of the McMahon federation for some months now. Even in the last episode of the blue show aired in the night, Kevin Owens attempted yet another attack against the two cousins from the Anoa'i family, with the intent of the Canadian who was to take revenge for the defeat suffered the week last in the Steel Cage match against Reigns, because of Jey Uso.

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso outsmarted and brutalized Kevin Owens

In the initial segment of the blue show, Kevin Owens in fact went to challenge Jey Uso in a match later in the evening, with the contest serving as a rematch/revenge to the Canadian, for the events that occurred last week.

In the end, it was Owens who prevailed in the match, who after having triumphed despite a slightly out of use leg attacked several times by his opponent in the match, still managed to tie one of his enemy's hand to the ropes of the ring with handcuffs.

This blocking method thus allowed Owens to beat up his opponent as much as possible, as revenge for the actions of 7 days ago, with Owens finally deciding to untie Uso, but taking him to the ramp, where he then continued his attack.

To perish in the final part of the show, however, was Kevin Owens, who was attacked by surprise by Roman Reigns, who first hit him several times with a chair, along with his cousin and then even threw Owens on a table. positioned below the stage, whereas, in reality, Owens himself wanted to throw Reigns' younger cousin.

Thus ends the last episode of Smackdown, with a feud that apparently would be anything but over. Kevin Owens can't let go of The Tribal Chief and his cousin, Jey Uso, on WWE SmackDown. The Prizefighter has lost against Reigns at WWE TLC, as well as last week's episode from the Blue brand.

Uso was a common factor in both of these instances. Despite that, Owens didn't change his approach at all on this week's WWE SmackDown. KO advocated for the main event match against Jey Uso, which Owens won. After the bout was over, Owens tried to lure Reigns by using the handcuffs and brutalizing Jey Uso at the same time.

KO made a mistake when he took Jey Uso to the ThunderDome's LED panel area near the entrance ramp. It gave Reigns the perfect opportunity to ambush The Prizefighter.