Eva Marie spotted backstage on Raw for a big reason

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Eva Marie spotted backstage on Raw for a big reason

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about the likely return to the WWE rings of the former McMahon family athlete, Eva Marie. The girl, who had asked for her release in 2017 to the company, after more than a year of inactivity in the rings of the Stamford-based federation, according to rumors that have been hovering around the company for several weeks, would have signed a new agreement with the federation number one in the world of pro-wrestling for some time now.

Until now, however, Eva Marie would never have appeared in front of the WWE cameras, neither in a match nor with a simple on-screen appearance, with the contract signed for several months by the girl who seems to be more and more a mystery.

According to what was reported in the latest updates by the well-known overseas site, Fightful, the girl with fiery red hair should have returned to the WWE rings this week, or even the one before, with an angle that should have found space in the last episodes of the red Monday night show, which was eventually canceled.

In fact, the journalists of the well-known site report that: "Eva Marie was backstage on WWE Raw as early as December 14, dressed up and ready to do a promo.

Which brand will Eva Marie join after her WWE return?

The girl was brought back to the company last fall but has not yet made her official on-screen debut."

In practice, it would be two weeks now that the red-haired girl would be ready to make her return to the Monday Night Raw scene, but for two consecutive weeks, WWE management would change plans for her, removing her from the weekly events' card, pending unspecified news on the subject.

Apparently, it would only be a matter of time, however, before we can see one of the most beautiful girls who have ever walked into the Stamford-based company ring on stage. Eva Marie first signed with the WWE in 2013, and she went on to make her main roster debut in July that year.

Marie spent some time in NXT before returning to the main roster in March 2016. While Eva Marie had the look, her in-ring work left a lot to be desired, and she ended up leaving WWE in 2017 to pursue her interests in acting, modeling, fitness, and fashion designing.

WWE is working on the creative plans to reintroduce Eva Marie on TV, and it would be interesting to see how WWE executes the same.