Several WWE Superstars reportedly reject new contract offers

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Several WWE Superstars reportedly reject new contract offers

In the last few days, we have reported the news of the signing of Matt Riddle to a conspicuous contract renewal between him and the Stamford-based company, with the talent of Monday Night Raw who would then have signed a new agreement with the McMahons of about 4 years, after the signing in 2018 that would have linked the former WWE NXT talent to the number one company in the world of pro-wrestling for at least another 7-8 months.

Apparently, Riddle's signature would be for the moment the only one that WWE will be able to obtain in a short time, given that contract renewals would have been offered to at least a dozen superstars who would not be happy with the offers received from them company, after a disastrous year for the whole world of discipline.

WWE Superstars are waiting for the situation to improve

As reported in the last few hours by the well-known site Fightful, it would seem that the McMahon company would have proposed to several of its main and non-main superstars, some contract renewals that would have been sent back to the sender, with several wrestlers who would have preferred not to sign before the pandemic situation has receded as much as possible.

According to what was reported in the latest updates by the site's journalists, in fact: "They have chosen to wait until the situation is 'more normal', to try to increase their individual situations. WWE has been open to this kind of speech, however.

We have been given several names from both main rosters, who would have applied this discourse." In practice, given the difficult situation of the WWE, which would have lost in the last year all the intriotes of the sales of tickets for live shows and all the house shows scattered around the world, obviously the new offers proposed to his wrestlers have been decidedly lower than those made until 2019, with almost all the wrestlers involved in this speech that have thus decided to wait for better times before sign a new deal with WWE.

Some talent Fightful spoke to revealed that they were waiting for the situation to get better before signing new deals. Thankfully for the talent, WWE is also reportedly open to talent playing the waiting game. The names of the Superstars who reportedly turned down the opportunities to sign new deals weren't revealed.

However, it was added that some of the names would be revealed soon. It should be noted that there are Superstars from both SmackDown and RAW who are waiting for better times to renegotiate terms.