Amanda Huber and AEW Speak on Fake Brodie Lee Accounts

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Amanda Huber and AEW Speak on Fake Brodie Lee Accounts

Brodie Lee is a former WWE and AEW Superstar and his wife Amanda Huber recently spoke about fake Brodie Lee accounts on social media. Brodie Lee recently died and AEW held a tribute show recently. Brodie Lee was called Luke Harper in WWE.

Brodie Lee is also a former member of the Wyatt Family which was a very famous heel group in WWE that was led by Bray Wyatt. After leaving the group, Brodie Lee started wrestling as a solo wrestler and even won the Intercontinental Title once in WWE.

However, Lee left WWE as he thought that WWE did not value his creative input. He stated during an interview that he left WWE as he thought they were not using him in a way he would have liked.

Amanda Huber on Fake Brodie Lee Accounts

After his death, many fake accounts under his name were made.

AEW warned, "If there is ever an "official/real" account for anyone associated with @AEW it would be promoted and followed by AEW. Beware of individuals pretending to be members of the Huber family." "Brodie has no social media accounts.

This is so weird and just gross," Amanda wrote on her Instagram. She then also posted a picture in which Lee was calling Amanda “Mommy”. "Never in his life has Brodie called me 'mommy' and it's bizarre to read.

Please, if you feel yourself creating a fake account for an 8-year-old for attention, please go to therapy and get the help you need. I'm serious. Therapy is amazing and world changing. It's changed my life personally. Also...

this isn't ok," she wrote. "A fake account pretending to be me is reporting the fake account of someone pretending to be my 8 years old..... what? I have Twitter but I hardly use it and it's been private for YEARS," she wrote.

Stu Grayson also told fans not to follow an account that he knew for certain was fake. "Do not follow this account it's a fake. Unfortunately, it seems like people can't stop themselves from being assholes."

It may come as a surprise to many, but even WWE showed a picture of Brodie Lee before beginning one of their shows. This is a surprise as WWE really wants nothing to do with any wrestler that leaves the company for AEW, a promotion which many fans consider to be the real threat that WWE has faced in years.