X-Pac on His Extremely Low WWE Pay

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X-Pac on His Extremely Low WWE Pay
X-Pac on His Extremely Low WWE Pay

X-Pac/Sean Waltman is a former WWE wrestler, and he recently spoke about his extremely low WWE Pay that he received at times. X-Pac is also a former member of D'Generation X and was also a member of the New World Order after they arrived in WWE.

X-Pac also had a successful WWE career as a solo wrestler and is still quite good friends with Triple H and Shawn Michaels. He also entered the WWE Hall of Fame with his fellow D’Generation X members.

X-Pac on His Low WWE Pay

On his podcast, he revealed why he finally left WWE for WCW in the past.

"The money was bad at the time, but I really think if I was creatively satisfied, I would have stayed," Waltman revealed. "I wouldn't even think about leaving. I would have tried to keep asking for a raise. I never even thought about leaving when creative was good, even when money was tough or bad.

It was bad at one point. "There was a point where we used to get draws on the road and a draw is a cash advance. When business got bad, $200 was the limit you could get and sometimes, if you didn't get the $200 draw, you might have got $150 on your check.

So, yeah, it was tough like that, especially on Florida runs." He then went on to talk about his relationship with WWE CEO Vince McMahon. "I mean, I'm not in Vince's head. So, this is the way it seemed to me," X-Pac prefaced.

"He saw the value in me at the level he was using me at. Some of that had to do with my outside the ring antics, my substance issues, and different things like that. If it wasn't for being kind of connected, the whole Kliq thing, may or may not have to put up with a lot of that from me, to be honest with you.

Then again, other people had just as much bad problems as I did or worse. They were used just fine, creatively. It definitely took from me to leave and make my own way somewhere else to get Vince to look at me in the light that I so desperately wanted.

My good relationship with Vince, he was always open and willing to talk to me, but I was really intimidated at one point for quite a long time. It all worked out in your head like, 'Okay, this is what I'm going to do when I get in there'

Then, once you get in there, that sh-t's out the f--king window. I even told him one time, 'I come in here and once I get in here, there's this power dynamic thing.' "

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