D-Von Dudley Speaks About Relationship with Stephanie McMahon

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D-Von Dudley Speaks About Relationship with Stephanie McMahon

D-Von Dudley is a ECW and WWE legend, and he recently spoke about his relationship with Stephanie McMahon. D-Von Dudley was part of the famous tag team group called The Dudley Boyz. The Dudley Boyz were an extremely famous ECW group.

After WWE bought ECW, Dudley Boyz joined WWE.

D-Von Dudley Speaks About Relationship with Stephanie McMahon

D-Von now works as a WWE Producer as he no longer is an active wrestler and hasn’t made an on-screen appearance for a really long time.

D-Von recently appeared at Average Blokes Show where he played a game. During the game, different tables were shown to D-Von. The host then asked him about which superstars he would like to put through each of them. "I think I'd have to go with the person who got away from me and Bubba in the Attitude Era that we always wanted to put through a table that we never did.

Now it's a little thinner so it will give a little give. But this person is a female and I must say that that this particular female, which I've gone on record with WWE Ride Along that I admitted to my infatuation with this individual.

[Laughs] And Bubba made fun of me during the entire ride along and the person I'm thinking about is Stephanie McMahon," said D-Von. "So, I could put her through a table and then give her a big hug when Triple H isn't watching."

D-Von then stated that Stephanie is probably the best Diva of all time. "I would have loved to have dated Stephanie McMahon. I am infatuated with Stephanie McMahon. She is beautiful inside and out, funny, charismatic. She is everything that I would think that a woman should be if I wasn't married [laughs]."

D-Von was then shown a picnic table which looked extremely strong. D-Von was then asked about which superstar would he want to put through this table. "I'm gonna say Bubba. For 20-something years that man has pushed me in the chest and yelled at me to get some damn table," stated D-Von.

"And although it became a household name, he don't realize that when you have a match and you're getting your ass beat, it hurts when your own partner puts his hands on you to go get something on the outside. My chest still hurts so I'm gonna have to put his big ass through that sturdy table."