Big WrestleMania 37 match for Roman Reigns

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Big WrestleMania 37 match for Roman Reigns

While the countdown to the next major WWE Pay per View of the Royal Rumble has now begun, on the top floors of Vince McMahon's company there is a lot of attention for what should happen at WrestleMania 37, the usual event of the year and 'Show of the Immortals' with Vince McMahon who would like real 'fireworks' for his main matches.

One of the main matches, if not the main one, of the Stamford-based company, should see the current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns as protagonist and during the last episode of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter the well-known American colleague Dave Meltzer explained for several reasons who are the main contenders to take on the WWE Tribal Chief.

Interviewed on this particular argument, Meltzer clarified that WWE initially wanted a Royal Rumble meeting between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns but it seems that the company's initial plan has changed with the Yes Man, much loved by WWE fans, registered in the event Royal Rumble (and given by many of the favorites).

Update on Roman Reigns' future

In general, the blue show has a number of problems picking up high-level Babyface and the fact that Bryan recently beat Jey Uso seemed to set him up for a match with the WWE Big Dog. Meltzer explained the situation inherent in the feud for the WWE Universal Championship thus: "Right now, apparently, Daniel Bryan and Goldberg are being regarded as the best possible opponents to take on Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 37.

Babyface Bryan would certainly give a great show to the match while Goldberg would enrich the event and would certainly be the best wrestler to try to create interest by making Pay per View Maintream: this in my opinion is a bit sad because we are talking about a wrestler who has debuted in WWE 23 years ago, he has been standing still for some time and not present in the federation while personally I believe that both people and professionals should think about worrying about 'more' current 'wrestlers already present in the show."

According to, Roman Reigns won 90.6% of his WWE matches in 2020. This includes his matches on WWE television, as well as the matches he competed in at live events before the COVID-19 pandemic. Roman Reigns competed in 32 matches in 2020, winning 29 times and losing just twice.

His first loss came in the 2020 Royal Rumble, which Drew McIntyre won, and his second defeat took place on SmackDown on December 4. That episode saw Kevin Owens and Otis defeat Roman Reigns and Jey Uso via disqualification.