AJ Styles names two WWE superstars with the greatest potential

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AJ Styles names two WWE superstars with the greatest potential

The history of the WWE is formed by great eras in which its Superstars and its athletes have become real protagonists of memorable matches, original segments and historical changes that have led WWE Universe fans to become attached and not a little to their faces.

As in every category and in every world, every now and then the protagonists of the scenes change and some new faces come to the fore, enjoying resounding success, which leads the WWE to exploit this success as much as possible, building storylines and stories around these characters.

segments destined to forever change the history of the company and the world of pro-wrestling in general. In recent years, some of these wrestlers have certainly been Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt and a few others, who have managed to go from simple mid-carders to big federation stars, to focus on for very important storylines and historical segments.

In his last interview, the former WWE Champion AJ Styles wanted to break a lance in favor of the young colleague Riddle and the mammoth Lee, who after a brief feud against Styles, one of his arrival in the main roster on the Smackdown side, and the other in the rings of Monday Night Raw, are now growing out of all proportion even on the red show square, alone.

To the microphones of ITN Wrestling, AJ Styles said of the Raw colleagues: "Matt Riddle definitely has the right numbers... he just needs time. Riddle as we call it now. He definitely has the talent it takes to make it big in the future.

He will be a huge star. Keith Lee is another one of those guys who has a superpower and despite being a big man he is still capable of doing great things in the ring. Number three is very difficult. Who should I put in the third position? I would like to say any name of the great NXT athletes; one of those who has not yet shown his full potential.

Not sure about this though. So at number three, we'll leave a nice question mark."

AJ Styles' WWE career so far

According to the former WWE all-time champion, then, Riddle and Keith Lee would be two of the future Superstars who will carry Stamford's company on their shoulders, with a talent not yet fully expressed that slowly will emerge and will ensure that the two make their way among the other already established Superstars of the roster.

AJ Styles joined WWE a little late on in his career, having previously worked in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling and NJPW. He joined WWE in 2016 when he was a surprise entrance in the Royal Rumble. Since joining the WWE, Styles has won every major championship the company offers except for the Universal and tag team titles. Styles is clearly too talented to be kept out of the championship picture for too long.