Paige to sue individual who tried to sell her home address

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Paige to sue individual who tried to sell her home address

In this 2020 that has just ended, there seemed not a shred of serenity for the former WWE champion Paige, after the numerous personal problems that had affected the young English girl, outside the WWE rings. In recent years, in fact, Paige has been involved in the most absurd scandals that have nothing to do with pro-wrestling and WWE, but the girl seems not to want to give up and one by one, she sends back all the "rip-offs" "that life has offered him in the last period.

After being the protagonist in a red light scandal that surfaced online a few years ago, the story with Alberto Del Rio had done nothing but worsen the sentimental and personal situation of the girl, with Paige's new boyfriend, Ronnie Radke, who fortunately seems to have got the girl back after months of abuse.

Paige has had issues with a stalker

After foiling an attack on a stalker just a couple of months ago, now the couple formed by the former WWE athlete forced to retire due to a serious injury and the singer Ronnie Radke have once again had to contend with a very heavy privacy violation, with a fan of the couple who knows their home address, who would try to sell that address to the highest bidder, so as to make easy money.

In the past few hours, both Paige and Ronnie have so reported the thing on social networks, after using the police of their state, to which they obviously denounced the messages that had been reported to them by some fans who had received the sale proposal from the criminal.

After a fairly tragic year for the whole world, especially for the pro-wrestling world, hopefully, this 2021 will be definitely better than the year just ended, even for Paige, although the start was not the best. We now hope that the work of the police will take its course, so as to bring to justice these "fans" who continue to profit on the personal lives of public figures.

Leaking one's address, especially that of a celebrity who deserves as much privacy as a normal person, is extremely irresponsible. However, this is even worse, as Paige has had issues with stalking over the last few months.

Paige reported that she had a run-in with a stalker at her house back in November. You can read more about the incident here. The actions of the individual above could have led to the further endangerment of Paige and her boyfriend. Luckily, this invasion of privacy was caught quickly, and the appropriate action is being taken.