Mick Foley tests positive for virus: Health update revealed

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Mick Foley tests positive for virus: Health update revealed

2020 was a very difficult and sad year for all of us, a year that saw the explosion of this incredible pandemic linked to the now well-known Covid-19 virus with a situation that still appears difficult to resolve today and a situation that has also made a particular impact in the WWE world.

2021 opened with yet another bad news for fans of this sport: wrestling legend Mick Foley, through a video of about two minutes posted on his Twitter account, announced that he had tested positive for Coronavirus. The WWE Hall of Famer announced that it tested positive for Covid-19 after a meeting on December 12th.

Foley announced that there were two people in the room with him and one of them contracted symptoms later in the night. Foley was informed that the person tested positive and after five days he swabbed. The former wrestler revealed that he was stuck in his hotel room for 18 days.

Mick Foley's important message to everyone

Through his social media channels, Mick Foley explained the whole situation and what were the updates on his health: "Hi everyone, I'm Mick Foley and I tested positive for Coronavirus after a meeting on December 12th.

There were only two people in the room with me and we were all wearing masks. I took off my mask for this virtual meeting because I wanted to do a better job but after a few hours, one of these two gentlemen had the first symptoms and then later they told me that it was positive.

So, I've waited the five days and tested the same and been stuck in a hotel room alone for the past 18 days. I want people to take this disease very seriously." Mick Foley is not the first wrestler hit by this virus and in the last few months several characters close to the WWE world and the wrestling world, in general, have announced their positivity.

Mick Foley admitted that he had endured a challenging phase due to COVID-19, and it just wasn't because of the physical symptoms of COVID-19. More than the symptoms, Mick Foley missed spending time with his family during Christmas and New Year.

Mick Foley explained that he had drastically cut back on his professional commitments, including canceling four virtual signings, two reality shows, a WWE event appearance, and a commercial. Mick Foley was also originally scheduled to be at Survivor Series to be a part of Undertaker's farewell.