Latest update on Kevin Owens' injury

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Latest update on Kevin Owens' injury

Kevin Owens seemed in total control over Jey Uso in the finale of the last episode of SmackDown, but then something went wrong and - also due to some errors of underestimation by the Canadian - the show ended with his total destruction that was the work of Jey Uso and Roman Reigns.

But now the question that so many fans are asking is: how is Kevin Owens really doing? An answer has arrived in these hours from the WWE, but as usual, it could be the classic press release, in which the content that does not correspond to reality, but only serves to carry on the ongoing storyline.

Update on Kevin Owens

WWE has in fact issued a very dramatic statement, perhaps too much. On his official website, he has in fact traced an almost "apocalyptic" scenario on the physical conditions of the Prizefighter.

"After the attack on SmackDown on Friday night by universal champion Roman Reigns and Jey Uso, Kevin Owens was taken to a local medical facility where he was diagnosed with a spinal contusion and kidney bruises."

Of course, especially the first problem, if real it would be decidedly complex. Problems with the spine or spinal column, in themselves, can in fact have permanent consequences. Equally, however, that if this were the case, WWE would have handled the situation in a very different way, not limiting it to a simple and "cold" statement of a few lines.

The general impression is therefore that Kevin Owens does not have major physical problems, but we want to tell a much more problematic story to confirm the danger of Roman Reigns. In addition, this could allow increasing empathy for the same KO, who could take a short break and then return to the assault of the Tribal Chief and his Universal Championship.

The current storyline foresees a clear superiority of Owens over Jey Uso, with Roman Reigns who instead will avoid a face-to-face confrontation in numerical parity. That's why Owens' physical problems could be functional to his next redemption in the coming weeks.

Kevin Owens unsuccessfully challenged Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at the TLC pay-per-view in December. He also lost another title match against The Tribal Chief inside a steel cage on the Christmas Day episode of SmackDown.

It is unclear if Kevin Owens will receive another opportunity at Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship. However, it is worth noting that Reigns is without an opponent for the Royal Rumble and he is not currently feuding with any other Superstars.