Backstage news on WWE plans for Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble

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Backstage news on WWE plans for Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble

Roman Reigns has become in recent months not only the new Universal Champion but the absolute star of SmackDown. Enough to create some confusion around his belt and the fate of his storylines, which WWE seems to be changing from week to week looking for a rival that matches the current status of the Tribal Chief.

The general feeling, in fact, is that WWE's plans for Roman Reigns have changed again, and his originally planned WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view match is on the verge of finally jumping. Daniel Bryan said last week that he would enter the traditional 30-person brawl of the Royal Rumble, and WWE continued to talk about him in the Rumble in last Friday's episode of SmackDown.

The latest news on Roman Reigns

The segment that concluded SmackDown between Reigns and Kevin Owens, moreover, according to the reconstruction of '' indicates that their feud will continue at least until a new clash that should take place right at the Royal Rumble.

But, as you read on these same pages, things shouldn't have been like this initially. Dave Meltzer has in fact stated in his 'Wrestling Observer Newsletter' that the original plan was that Daniel Bryan was to face Roman Reigns for the title, ending the feud left pending before TLC.

A few weeks ago, at 'Talking Smack', Bryan himself admitted he was not done with Jey Uso and was hinted that he would then focus on Reigns in a universal championship feud. Dave Meltzer pointed out on the Observer that SmackDown is short of high-level faces in the main event area, and that's a problem.

Right now, unless they are able to bring in someone completely unexpected, WrestleMania looks like it will be either Bryan vs Reigns or Goldberg vs Reigns. Since Goldberg has spared no vitriolic statements about Reigns in recent interviews, this seems to be the most likely option.

On the other hand, the chances that the great family challenge between Roman and The Rock will take place this year are increasingly decreasing. With respect to Kevin Owens, he does not look likely to pin Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship in the near future.

Owens failed to win the title from The Tribal Chief in a TLC match at TLC and in a steel cage match on SmackDown. He also suffered storyline injuries after being thrown off the WWE ThunderDome set by his rival. Of course, even without winning the Universal Championship, there is still a chance that Owens could pin Roman Reigns.

Carmella recently pinned Sasha Banks in a tag team match on SmackDown to further their SmackDown Women’s Championship storyline. Perhaps a similar thing could happen in the Universal Championship storyline when Owens is healthy enough to compete again.