Jerry Lawler's WWE contract set to expire very soon

The pro wrestling world is seeing some contracts run up as we enter a new year

by Simone Brugnoli
Jerry Lawler's WWE contract set to expire very soon

In 2020, many of the WWE Superstars tried in vain to reach some new agreement with the Stamford-based company, as due to the economic problems arising from the global pandemic, the economic strength of WWE has lost a lot of what it was to last February.

In just a few months, in fact, WWE found itself without a house show and without an audience in all its events, with the impossibility of staging even world tours, which instead until 2019 has been done every year, even more.

times a year. Due to these lost revenues, the McMahon-owned federation was therefore forced to make very disadvantageous offers for its Superstars, also due to the fact that the athletes, in this year that has just ended, also fought much less than years past and if 2021 were to be the same as the previous year, WWE couldn't afford to pay the same amount to athletes who work much less.

If at the moment the only wrestler to have renewed for another four years with the McMahons would seem to have been Riddle, all the other colleagues seem to wait for better times, with another important agreement that apparently should end in a few days, as stated by the directly concerned.

From an old episode of Dinner With The King, chaired by WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler and dating back two years ago, we learn that: "My contract expires every year on January 10th. On the 8th, each time I still haven't heard a word about it.

So I text Kevin Dunn and say 'My contract expires the day after tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know to study it.' Exactly the next day, I find myself a new contract in the mailbox. Not just a year, but a two-year agreement.

What growth!" Since the episode in question is dated January 2019 and since two years have now passed, apparently the contract of the "King" of the WWE is said to have come to an end, with the federation having decided whether to renew the agreement with the former athlete who is now 71 or to leave him at home.

Jerry Lawler's WWE contract set to expire very soon

Jerry Lawler is still wrestling on the indies, but not for WWE. The company won’t sign off on having him work any matches since he went into cardiac arrest while at ringside after a match.

This might lead to some very interesting developments down the line, especially if AEW has any interest in reuniting Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross in any capacity. We will have to see what happens next in this situation. WWE and Jerry Lawler could part ways unless a new deal is reached.

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