Jim Ross on why Vince McMahon did not want to sign Chris Jericho

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Jim Ross on why Vince McMahon did not want to sign Chris Jericho

Over the past year, Canadian wrestler Chris Jericho has become the face of the "new" (by now not so much) company of the wrestling world All Elite Wrestling. However, it should be remembered that Jericho, before joining Tony Khan's company, was a WWE wrestler for several years, won many titles and was considered one of the greatest legends of the Vince McMahon's company.

It is interesting to recall a particular anecdote about Y2J's arrival in WWE with Chris Jericho who, without the help of Jim Ross, would never have had the chance to become a WWE superstar. The former AEW champion talked about this by answering questions from fans on Twitter and admitted that Jim Ross was, almost alone, responsible for his arrival in WWE.

Jim Ross on Chris Jericho

During his usual Grilling JR podcast, WWE's Hall Ora Famer Jim Ross revealed that Vince McMahon was not at all convinced of hiring Chris Jericho as a wrestler and explained the reasons: "I had to work and negotiate a lot to bring Chris Jericho to WWE.

Vince basically believed that the Canadian wrestler was not tall enough to work in the company and above all that this did not make him eligible to participate in a WrestleMania Main Event. We all know that in WWE everything revolves around Vince and so I had to convince him."

Despite initial reservations, the WWE Chairman eventually gave Chris Jericho a chance and this choice could not have been luckier for WWE with the wrestler who over the years has represented one of the greatest superstars in the company's recent history.

While Chris Jericho was not seen as the ideal superstar for company, his stature and demeanor in the ring were very helpful in helping even "smaller wrestlers" have a better chance in the company. Despite his initial reservations, Vince McMahon finally gave Chris Jericho a chance.

The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla left no stone unturned in making a positive impression on the boss. Chris Jericho has been in multiple WrestleMania matches over the years and became one of WWE's most bankable Superstars.

Even though Jericho did not fit the mold, he helped "smaller guys" like him finally start getting the spotlight in WWE. What do you make of Jim Ross' comments? Were you aware that Vince McMahon initially didn't want to sign Chris Jericho? Sound off in the comments.

Chris Jericho had already established himself as one of the all-time greats by that point. So, to record a win over someone like him was an incredible achievement for a mid-card act like JTG. Unfortunately, JTG and Shad Gaspard failed to win the Unified Tag Team titles from Chris Jericho and Big Show at SummerSlam 2009.