CM Punk takes shot at Ric Flair saying Shawn Michaels is the GOAT

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CM Punk takes shot at Ric Flair saying Shawn Michaels is the GOAT

WWE history is littered with the greatest matches and the most important Superstars the pro-wrestling world has ever seen, with five-star matches, usually coming out of the most important events in the Stamford-based federation and with a few names that occasionally come back in the various rankings as the best feud ever or as the best match ever, on the various important rivalries that make up the world of web wrestling.

One of the many names of the most important Superstars that are often mentioned when it comes to great performances and/or five-star matches, is certainly that of Shawn Michaels, former WWE multi-world champion, as well as the McMahon Hall of Famer, who during his career he has had the most disparate feuds with all the main eventers of the company, from Triple H (his lifelong friend), up to Ric Flair, passing through The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, CM Punk and John Cena.

In fact, by many, HBK is seen as the best wrestler ever, at least in terms of McMahon's in-ring performance, including "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

Ric Flair recently put Shawn Michaels over in a big way

After the emergence of an online article where the legendary Ric Flair paid his biggest compliments to former colleague Shawn Michaels, calling him absolutely the best the discipline has ever produced in pro-wrestling rings, he answered the Nature Boy.

thought the Second City Savior of Chicago, CM Punk, who with a brief and ironic tweet on his personal page wrote: "Yeah, well, it's just, well, your opinion, man." With his usual unsettling irony, the former WWE Champion thus responded to Ric Flair's great words towards his eternal friend Shawn Michaels, who among other things was the one who led him to retire in WWE after the famous match of Wrestlemania 24, where a defeated Ric Flair had to leave the scene due to his loss against Michaels.

Ric Flair is very proud of his daughter Charlotte Flair. He is not only her biggest fan, but as her father he can appreciate her success on multiple levels. The Nature Boy recently sat down with Kevin Hart and they froze themselves to the bone on Cold As Balls.

Charlotte Flair was the subject of conversation, and Ric Flair glowed about his daughter’s achievements. “She’s incredible. She blew right by me. I didn’t pass the torch. She took it. [Hart asks if seeing Charlotte’s success is the biggest gift he can get] Yes, far bigger than anything I ever accomplished is to see her not just be good but great”.