WWE veteran unhappy with The Fiend being burnt alive

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WWE veteran unhappy with The Fiend being burnt alive

The last PPV of 2020 that WWE aired from its ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in Orlando, has already gone down in history for what happened in the show's main event. In fact, in the first Firefly Inferno match in the history of the McMahon-owned company, Randy Orton literally set fire to his opponent, The Fiend, letting him burn in the center of the square, while celebrating the victory at ringside, with the cameras filming everything.

Obviously, the controversy immediately broke out among the fans, between those who agreed with what they saw and those who instead criticized the leadership of the federation for staging something too far beyond the standards of the company, which in recent years has is offered to an audience of families only, setting aside the angles and segments for the adult audience only.

Speaking to WrestlingInc, Korderas compared the angle to The Undertaker being burnt alive during the Attitude Era.

Korderas: 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt being set on fire a step too far

One of the former protagonists of the WWE rings who returned to criticize the company for what they saw last December 20, was the former McMahon referee, Jimmy Korderas, who in his last interview with Wrestling Inc said: "It's tough because we talk about crossing the line when for years we had the Attitude Era and all those crazy things that went on the air, which then disappeared from TV.

At the same time, I think they went a bit too far, literally setting someone on fire is just too hard, I don't think they needed to get there. They could have simply been alluding to it. It's like when they did it with The Undertaker for example, where they threw it into a coffin before it was set on fire.

You didn't see the actual person on fire. Here it was quite different. Showing The Fiend in flames, be it real or a simple puppet. The view was there and I think it was a little too much." Apparently, even for a former insider, seeing The Fiend lifeless in flames was a little too strong, with WWE putting staging shows for families with small children for years has now moved on to proposing very hard segments for adults only or for teenagers accompanied by their parents.

Many fans and critics believe that WWE went a bit too far with recent angles of Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss being set on fire. However, there is a large portion of the audience enjoying the edgier content in WWE.