Mickie James' WWE status quietly changed

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Mickie James' WWE status quietly changed

From the appeal of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, some important names of Superstars of the main event and mid-carding have been missing for months, who for the most disparate reasons have become unable to fight.

If Becky Lynch had to be absent for her pregnancy happily completed a few weeks ago and if Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn and Charlotte Flair returned to tread the rings in better shape than ever after an absence of a few months, there is another athlete who has been missing from WWE televisions for quite some time and so far no one seems to have revealed why.

We are talking about the former WWE women's champion: Mickie James. After losing a titled match against the red roster champion, Asuka, which took place several weeks ago in the red show rings, the Richmond athlete has in fact disappeared from the WWE scene, leaving her fans without official motivation.

Update on Mickie James' status

As we could see in the list of Legends drawn up by the WWE as guests for the next episode of Monday Night Raw that will air tonight, Mickie James appears to be in that category of Superstars, who for WWE are already legends and therefore part of the past of the company.

As revealed by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, according to the company, the athlete could even be considered withdrawn, given that he has not been fighting for months in the Raw rings, with the well-known journalist who in fact stated: "So I think they pulled Mickie James out because she put her as one of the Legends on the Raw list and she's never back to fight yet.

So, yes, it would seem so." Although there is not yet the official thing, after her last match in mid-September against Asuka, the 6-time WWE champion hasn't turned up even in one segment or one short contest in the company's rings, a sign that the federation considers the girl's physical contribution to the ring is over or that there are probably no more plans for her on the square.

We will see, however, tonight what the girl from Richmond will do after 3 months and put of inactivity, if she will find a storyline in which to become once again the protagonist of the WWE rings or if she will only make a brief appearance as the colleagues, and then return in the "oblivion" where it has been kept until now.

Mickie James is a six-time champion in WWE. She also has a ton of veteran experience that could be very beneficial for those on the active roster. We will have to see what WWE does with Mickie James during Legends Night, but this is the first time Mickie James has been referred to with that label.