5 WWE Superstars who could realistically pin Roman Reigns in 2021

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5 WWE Superstars who could realistically pin Roman Reigns in 2021

Roman Reigns is back in WWE with a completely new character who seems to have really convinced most of the fans of the historic Wrestling federation, who believe they are finally seeing a character suitable for Roman who over the years has perhaps been pushed too much into the role of the baby-indestructible face.

The former Big Dog of the Shield stable also managed to conquer the Universal Title, seasoning his reign with a whole new attitude, a mixture of wickedness and cunning that helped him together with his ally Jey Uso in the various matches in which he is been busy.

At the moment he is engaged in a rivalry with Kevin Owens and who knows if the decisive showdown will take place in that of the Royal Rumble, which we remind you will air next January 31, but waiting for it the two are entertaining us a lot with some really interesting commercials, like the one we saw in the last episode of SmackDown.

5 WWE Superstars who could realistically pin Roman Reigns

In the past 12 months, Roman Reigns has won 29 of his 32 matches, reaching a 90.6% success rate. But let's see together now what could be the names that could beat the current Universal Champion in a match titled or not.

# 5 Kevin Owens The Canadian athlete is currently engaged in a rivalry against Reigns and in the coming weeks we could see his victory against the Samoan himself, without however being able to win his belt. # 4 Big E A match between these two has long been praised in recent weeks, but also considering the victory of the Intercontinental Title by the former New Day member a few days ago, now their meeting seems to have been at least postponed.

However, we had also reported in recent days the esteem that Paul Heyman, Roman's current client, placed towards the former couple champion and in the future, we will almost certainly see their feud. Moreover, the status of the latter is growing further and a victory of him may not be considered a utopia.

# 3Drew McIntyre The Scotsman had a terrific 2020 and almost failed to pin Roman Reigns at the Survivor Series, but the two are not expected to meet before WrestleMania 37 and presumably, not even at the Showcase of Immortals.

For the after, however, there may be possibilities and a victory for him may not be impossible, also considering his very high status. # 2 Daniel Bryan Daniel Bryan wanted to clarify how his first goal is to win the Royal Rumble and go to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 37.

Their match could really happen and a Top Face like the Leader of the Yes Movement could jeopardize the reign of the federation's Top Heel. # 1 Brock Lesnar The Beast and the Tribal Chief have one thing in common: Paul Heyman.

The manager himself could be the real keystone of the rivalry that we could see in 2021. As for Brock, we know very well how high his status is while standing still for months and his, could be a character capable of beating anyone at any time.

The two know each other well, but who knows if this will mean doing better and better in terms of struggles and rivalries.