Keith Lee reveals his dream WWE opponents

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Keith Lee reveals his dream WWE opponents

In a recent Bleacher Report interview with Graham Matthews, Keith Lee came out of the closet by stating who those wrestlers he would like to collaborate with in WWE sooner or later, both inside and outside the ring. The former NXT landed on Raw last August and has already faced the likes of Drew McIntyre, AJ Styles and Randy Orton, but everyone was impressed with that face-to-face with Brock Lesnar in that of the Royal Rumble 2020 and according to his words, even to him.

In fact, as reported by the famous site, Keith Lee would put at the top of a ranking that takes into account the matches that he would like to carry out in the future. Here is an excerpt of his words: "I think Brock Lesnar has to be at the top of this chart, also taking into account popular thinking."

The athlete also mentioned some athletes who are currently part of the SmackDown roster, as you can learn from the following words: "A match with Cesaro would certainly be something exciting, and it is something I would like to see.

But there is also another boy and his name is Shinsuke Nakamura. These two guys are capable of doing amazing things, I want my meetings to always be of the highest level and these can be without any kind of problem."

Keith Lee also discussed his first meeting with a Hall of Famer

Before thinking about these much-desired matches, however, Keith Lee must think about his next match against Drew McIntyre in the next episode of Raw, in which he will have the chance to win the WWE Championship.

The wrestler achieved this goal by beating Sheamus in the last episode of Raw, even if at the moment his victory seems less predictable. Meanwhile, Keith Lee spoke about meeting Goldberg for the first time. He said, "I was hanging out with some friends and a group of fans were hanging around us and Goldberg comes walking down the street.

One of the fans was like, 'Goldberg!' He stops, and he's a very intense guy. So, he's like staring a hole in this dude. This man does not flinch. The fan goes, 'You see this man right here? He's Keith Lee and he's going to come to the WWE and beat you one day."

He continued, explaining what the unexpected interaction had meant to him. "He grins a little and says, 'Whenever you get there, change nothing about you.' Which to me meant he has an idea of who I am and I'm like, 'Wait, what?' And then he shook my hand and just kept walking.

That was super unexpected. Goldberg holds a little special place in my heart just because of that”. Would you like to see Keith Lee face Brock Lesnar or Goldberg at some point down the line? Sound off in the comments?