*Spoiler* WWE legends lure Angel Garza into a trap

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*Spoiler* WWE legends lure Angel Garza into a trap

Even the first episode of Monday Night Raw of 2021 has now gone to the archives, with an episode entirely dedicated to the WWE legends that entertained fans from start to finish. After the great comeback of Teddy Long, who was still looking for a match "one on one with The Undertakah", but now withdrawn and unable to please the former General Manager of Smackdown, all the others surprised the fans too, with surprise arrivals, like that of Bill Goldberg, who made fans from home jump to their feet after Da Man challenged the reigning WWE Champion to a Royal Rumble title match.

However, if the Scotsman of Monday Night Raw managed to keep his title firmly at his side, another champion cannot say the same after the live broadcast on Raw, with Angel Garza who is in fact no longer the 24/7 Champion of the WWE.

In a segment that aired in the backstage of Raw, the reigning champion of the green-gold title, the Mexican Angel Garza, in fact, had a slightly too close encounter with the scary Boogeyman, with the terror that arose from that encounter that has made sure that R-Truth pinned Garza in total tranquillity, recovering the title lost just a few days ago.

WWE legends lure Angel Garza into a trap

To support the former champion, Ron Simmons also arrived, who after seeing everything about him exclaimed his usual "DAMN" in front of the WWE cameras, to close the scene.

Recall that Angel Garza had won the secondary title of the red roster on the occasion of the WWE New Year's party, with the federation also having filmed everything, then inserting the clip in a TikTok video. R-Truth thus reaches the astounding figure of 46 titled kingdoms with the 24/7 Championship at its side, in a sensational count that no other athlete has ever achieved in the WWE rings, in all of his histories.

We'll see now, who will be the next athlete who can snatch his "baby" from R-Truth, in any upcoming company event. Angel Garza approached stars like Alicia Fox and Mickie James backstage. His ladies' man gimmick didn't earn him any points with the aforementioned ladies.

Garza was rejected by Fox at the beginning. This was followed by another backstage WWE segment with Sgt. Slaughter, Tatanka, Mickie James, where Slaughter rejected Garza on Mickie's behalf. Later on WWE RAW Legends Night, Torrie Wilson was talking with Nikki Cross in another backstage crossover.

Garza tried his luck with Torrie as well, but she directed him towards a room where he could find Cardi B. Instead of the famous rapper, Angel Garza entered the room to find The Boogeyman. The cheesy distraction was enough for R-Truth to enter the scene and pin Garza to become the new WWE 24/7 Champion.