*Spoiler* More entrants declared for 2021 Royal Rumble matches

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*Spoiler* More entrants declared for 2021 Royal Rumble matches

2020 is now only a memory, although the entire year just passed was one of the most terrible, especially for the pro-wrestling world, given the huge griefs that hit the fans, but also given the impossibility of going to follow your favorite companies live, with WWE having for the first time in its history had to hold its shows totally without a paying audience present in the hall in its PPV and its weekly tapings.

As we said, after a very long year spent fighting the most disparate problems due to the global pandemic, WWE has begun to try to stage the best possible shows, with 2021 that is already full of surprises, which the federation wants to reveal slowly, such as the surprise arrival of Bill Goldberg in the Raw main event, who went to clamorously challenge Drew McIntyre to a title match for the 2021 Royal Rumble at the end of January.

If all this were not already enough to better advertise the next WWE PPV, the federation has continued to announce other great names for the Royal Rumble match, for men and women. The current favorite for the Men’s Royal Rumble Match is Daniel Bryan.

It seems that they are telling the story that he will face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. Anything can happen because the field is filling up with worthy competitors. The women’s Royal Rumble match doesn’t have nearly as many participants announced yet.

As of this writing, no NXT Superstars have been announced. It is unclear whether or not they will participate.

The 2021 Royal Rumble will take place on January 31st

During the last episode of Raw that aired during the night, WWE wanted to formalize other names for the Royal Brawls at the end of January, with several athletes thus joining the already announced names that were made last week.

Following the self-announcements from Bobby Lashley and Daniel Bryan last week, here are the men and women who have already been inducted into their respective royal fights of the McMahon-owned company's first Big Four event of the year: Men's 2021 Royal Rumble: - Daniel Bryan - Bobby Lashley - Randy Orton - AJ Styles - Riddle - Elias Women's Royal Rumble: - Nia Jax - Charlotte Flair.

After her 2020 win, Charlotte Flair is also self-applying to win the next royal fight, with Asuka's role as Monday Night Raw champion appearing to be increasingly in danger ahead of Wrestlemania. At the moment, no big favorite seems to have emerged as a candidate for the male rumble, but also the female one.